Klarna- Ήρθε για να μας κάνει τις αγορές παιχνίδι. tasinolakia

Klarna- Came to make shopping a game for us.

In recent years, in which online shopping has taken off, a new payment method has come to disrupt the waters! This is called " Buy Now, Pay Later " and one of the industry leaders is the Swedish Klarna . A Buy Now, Pay Later system allows you to make purchases and pay in interest-free installments, even if you don't have a credit card! This innovation adds a lot of flexibility to your purchases, which is why we decided to provide it to you. So we joined forces with Klarna and created Buy Now, Pay Later , to offer you the best shopping experience with Buy Now, Pay Later. You may not know Klarna yet, but the Swedish company is among Europe's biggest technology companies today. So it's time to learn it here in our e-shop.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish company active in the field FinTech (Financial Technology). We are talking about one financial institution . The company launched the 2005 and today has facilities in Stockholm and Berlin , where more than 5,000 people are employed. You can find Klarna services at 45 countries right now and of course Klarna in Greece you can now also find tasinolakia.com . With 147 million customers , more than 400,000 stores worldwide and 2 million transactions take place every day, Klarna has the experience to provide seamless and secure Buy Now, Pay Later services and now you have this possibility at tasinolakia.com 🖤

How Klarna works and how you will use it

The characteristic of Klarna is that the procedure to use the service is extremely simple and it is carried out like any online transaction, as you are used to today. Nouns you choose a different payment method when completing the order and within a few clicks you have the possibility to buy with 3 interest-free installments whatever interests you.

Let's look at it in a little more detail. First, to take advantage of the new service. You choose the products you are interested in and put them in the cart. Then you move on to check out and in the payment method field there is the option " 3 interest-free installments without credit card - Klarna ". By selecting this checkbox, you will be transferred to the Klarna environment where you will need to fill in your card details and then the approval of the interest-free installments will proceed immediately .

How Klarna adds flexibility to your shopping

The above process comes with a series of advantages that make your life easier. Thanks to the option to pay in three interest-free installments you can more efficient financial management you. Moreover, it will you streamline the purchase process with installments . Instead of documents, emails, photocopies or anything else you are usually asked to shop with installments without a credit card, you just make a few clicks at check out and the installments are approved immediately. In a few words, you don't mess with paperwork and you complete your purchases online immediately, without going to a store . In an age where we buy more and more things online, this feature is essential.

To always be consistent there is also the Klarna app . Through the Klarna application they come to you notifications when the payment date arrives so there's no way you'll forget. The Klarna app has another very interesting feature. In the application you can save products that interest you and receive them alerts when there is a price drop . In this way you will never miss any possible deal and you will have the possibility to buy it immediately but pay for it later!

Because Klarna has received excellent reviews

With all the above positives, it is no coincidence that Klarna reviews consistently rank the service as one of the best - if not the best - Buy Now, Pay Later solution . Klarna has managed to provide a very flexible payment model, which many customers are looking for, and this is done easily, quickly and without asterisks. The digital nature of the service has made Klarna one of the favorite solutions of millennials worldwide , as the vast majority of young people shop online. So, when you have a service that offers you the possibility to make purchases with interest-free installments without a credit card , and therefore get what you need at the moment you need it without second thoughts, and at the same time provides you with the easy-to-use Klarna app, it is no coincidence that Klarna's reviews are so positive .

Buy Now Pay Later came to Greece to stay with Klarna Buy Now, Pay Later has proven not to be a "fad" of the time. Already established in huge markets worldwide, Klarna is one of the leading companies in the field. To get an idea of ​​the sizes, in the last round of investments Klarna raised investments of $800 million , which corresponds to worth $7 billion to the company . That's why we can say with confidence that Buy Now, Pay Later has come to Greece to stay and we are happy that now we can provide it to you too, in collaboration with Klarna.

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