BLACK FRIDAY :  TIPS για έξυπνες αγορές tasinolakia

BLACK FRIDAY: TIPS for smart purchases

We are a breath away from the official BLACK FRIDAY 2022 and already it is the topic that monopolizes the discussions around it. What are the secrets and tips that one should follow in order to be ready for the market that day? The team has gathered for you all those tips that will make you close the best deals on the day you have been waiting for all year.

1. Preparation
When we say preparation, we of course mean organizing all those things that will make the big day easier for you. Preparation should start today. Find all those products that you will 'hit'. Follow our Social Media accounts ( fb:, instagram:sinolakia, tiktok:tasinolakia) to get a taste of the panic of sales that has been prepared at a good time like here!

2. Define budget and budget
It may sound simple but sometimes it is not. After all, Black Friday is designed to make you spend on products you need and even something we have set our sights on buying on sale, just like our e-shop which is full of offers from sales up to -40% ! The day is dedicated to shopping for things we really want. Proper budget management may help you buy a product that will be better than what you had calculated.

3. Make a list
Is Black Friday without a shopping list possible? Of course not. Unless you want to get the best deals that day. Your list should include all those products you want in numbered order. At the top of the list should be the flagship product you want to buy that day. Accordingly the list should continue with the same classification and end up with a product that is not so expensive but you can buy it some other day of the year.

4. List of gifts
You mustn't forget that Black Friday is just a month away from Christmas. So it is a very good opportunity to buy all those gifts that you should give to your own people. Since these gifts are hard to avoid, you can checkmate and buy them at a better price. Good?

5. Find the deals
Your research should focus on brochures, newsletters and Social Media. List all the deals you're interested in to make it easier to find them during Black Friday.

6. Market research
In addition to the research you should do before Black Friday starts, you should also do it during your shopping. The price comparison is the part that will give you something extra this day. The main thing is to be able to quickly and easily compare prices in all online stores and e-shops. This way you will be able to save some money for other purchases.

7. Coupons and gift cards
Although on that day most coupons and discount codes are not valid, you have nothing to lose and try to collect. At the same time, many chains offer gift cards for that day, for special product categories, with extra discounts and shopping rewards. Pay close attention to gift cards because they can be a real treasure. In many cases, by using a gift card, you are winning for a long time, since they reward you for your next purchases.

8. Stay faithful
What does this mean; That very simply do not completely change the stores and e-shops you prefer for your purchases throughout the year. In the online stores where you are a frequent customer and make frequent purchases, you are certainly well aware of the prices of many products. These cards give you discounts, but they also give you points for future purchases, as here we activate offer codes and extra discounts on discount items!

9. Make a shopping map
Although it may sound a bit belligerent, Black Friday has a dose of strategy. So it would be good to create a plan with the sites and e-shops you will visit. Do not forget to calculate the hours you will be looking for a product. This will help you if you want to buy a product from a foreign country, e.g. America. So you will be able to calculate every time you do your online research.

10. Don't forget the tips for online shopping
Focus on online shopping. This will save you time and of course you can easily check the stock for a product. Prefer some shopping platform, where you will be able to collect all your shopping but you will reduce the cost and of course you will do all the shopping once and for all.

11. Stay Social
Of course, many of your friends will make a relevant post on Social Media, about a product they just found in a certain online store ( see . You can also find specific groups on Facebook, Instagram & tik tok stories that will give you a lot of information and inform you about relevant offers.

12. Plastic money
Although the use of credit and debit cards is now almost universal, find our offers and secure them with direct purchase where we almost always have free shipping on prepaid orders! Or have you found the ideal product yet? Did you add it to your shopping cart? So far so good, but don't forget the shipping costs. Before completing your purchase, check the shipping costs. To avoid paying a lot for shipping, try to buy in combination from the same e-shop to reach the limit that gives you free shipping products.

13. Policies
Don't forget to check the policies of online stores for promotions and discount periods. The main point is the returns and warranty that comes with a product. We're sure you don't want to get a defective product without being able to return it.

14. Have fun
It is a day that also has its own beauty. You will take time for yourself and give gifts to yourself and those around you. So enjoy the day, without grumbling and bad mood. Meet friends, go for coffee and shop together, from your smartphone. 'Black' should be called only symbolically this Friday, since for you it should be a day of shopping and fun.


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