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Χρόνια πολλά και Καλή Χρονιά με τις καλύτερες ευχές! tasinolakia

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year with best wishes!

New Year 2023 ✨ marks the beginning of the year and many of us decide to make changes in our lives. Also, we hope that the new year will find us all together again, rejoicing and celebrating like we used to!

So, we finally said goodbye to 2022 and welcomed 2023 with good wishes and excitement, looking forward to implementing the plans and goals we want to achieve!

So what will you wish for the people you love and how will you go a little beyond the standard "Happy New Year" wish?

Check below and send special wishes to your friends, family and loved ones as soon as the clock strikes 00:00 and you will excite everyone!

Take a look:

- I hope that Christmas and the New Year bring love and peace to you and the whole world.


– I wish the new year will bring many joys, even if there were few of the old ones to complement them...

- On New Year's Day, I wish you a thousand wishes, and I hope this time finds you happy.

- I give you only two wishes for the new year, to be rich in joy and poor in pain.

– For the coming year, I will make a wish from my heart! May fate scatter joys to walk above! Wishes for a Happy New Year!

- The New Year came and I told Santa Claus to send you the greatest joys. Happy New Year to you and your family. Let the beginning of 2023 be the starting point of a creative era. Happy Birthday!

– Happy 2023! I wish this year the flame of love burns to warm and soften everyone's hearts. Health, happiness, hope and Happy New Year.

– May 2023 bring us health, prosperity and happiness and lots of hugs. Strong hugs...ones that take your breath away!

– May 2023 bring new hope, new expectations to our lives and leave bitterness in the past. Let's look ahead and smile!

– In 2023 to travel... to the worlds you have dreamed of, to the worlds that are life expectancy. Wishes for a Happy New Year!!!

– Each year comes only once. Live it to the fullest and enjoy every moment. Happy 2023.

– I hope that the new year will bring you the most beautiful moments that you will remember throughout your life! May your every moment be full of health, love, smile and strength and may every goal you set be achieved! Many kisses!

– We wish you and your family, that the new year is rich in happiness and poor in bad times.

A few more:

"The coming new year can only bring joy, even if you sleep alone and a new partner."

"I give you two wishes for the new year, to be rich in joy and poor in pain!"

"In 2023, may your life be melodious like a beautiful song and flow like a wild dance! Happy New Year!".

"For the coming year, I will make a wish from my heart! May fate scatter joys to walk above! Happy New Year!".

"New Year's Eve grab a handful of sand,
and as the grains are countless, I wish you so many wishes".

"I ordered the nightingales to come to your door,
in the soft chirping HAPPY YEAR to say!

"If the New Year were a flower, may its fragrance dispel everything bad from the atmosphere of your life and flood it with what you desire and dream."

"Happy birthday and a happy new year with health above all! I wish that the new year will bring you everything you really desire and that you will always be creative, active and spiritually insatiable. Have a nice time!".

"Keep the door open for the new year, let the joy that is a doctor for pain come in and out."

"Happy, creative, full of dreams, messages, challenges New Year with beautiful & special moments! Colors, sounds, music & scents to beautify our every day!".

"2023 stars to give you their shine and 2021 flames to burn what was preventing you from standing."

"I wish, in the new year that begins, that your personal doctor remains unemployed, your stockbroker works overtime and that the god Eros does not catch up with you!"

"I wish you from the bottom of my heart a different year with 2023 doors open to success."

“The old time is going away and I hope it takes with it all the false promises of a better life. I wish the new year to be an ally of a great revolution for a human life above all."

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