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Θέλεις την δική σου μοναδική τσάντα;

Ανακαλύψτε μοναδικές χειροποίητες πλεκτές τσάντες υψηλής ποιότητας και αισθητικής.
Ξεχωριστές χειροποίητες πλεκτές τσάντες από ποιοτικά υλικά με δυνατότητα επιλογής χρώματος, δημιουργούμε την δική σου κατόπιν παραγγελίας.


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Jewelry Care

To make your jewelry last for a long time and maintain its beautiful appearance:

Treat your jewelry with care, clean it regularly with a dry cloth and always store it.

Do not wear your jewelry while bathing, sleeping or during sports activities.

We recommend that you wear your jewelery as soon as you have finished your look to avoid contact with agents such as: perfume, creams, lacquers or lotions.

Do not expose your jewelry to water or moisture, as it can tarnish or change color. Avoid storing them in the bathroom and contact with substances such as: sulphur, chlorine, salt and the acidic pH of the skin.

Prefer airtight packaging to store your jewelry to protect it from moisture and air. Jewelry should be stored away from sunlight and heat in a protective box.

Certain materials such as brass (faux) need special care and constant cleaning after each use. There is a possibility that this particular material will oxidize when it comes into contact with water, sweat, perfume or lotion and lose its luster. Also, the pH of the skin differs from person to person, which is why the same jewelry can have a different reaction from skin to skin. Brass is a particularly sensitive material on some skins, as a result of which it accelerates its oxidation time even with simple contact with the skin.

Before buying a piece of brass jewelry, make sure that you do not belong to the above category of sensitive skin because it can cause an allergy.

The use of antiseptics is not recommended while wearing jewelry because it changes their color.

To avoid such oxidations, we recommend purchasing stainless jewelry that is resistant to the aforementioned.

The qualities and materials of our jewelry are detailed in the description of each product.

Contact with chemicals should generally be avoided, regardless of the quality of the jewelry so that your jewelry remains shiny over time.

Size chart

In the past the clothing market started with local businesses, with the largest of them marketing their products at most nationally. Nowadays, however, the clothing market has become a global market. This results in the appearance of an important problem: the different dimensioning. Different parts of the world use different ways of sizing clothes.

This problem exists and is a serious concern for clothing companies: one moment the customer is asked to choose between clothes with dimensions such as x-small, small, medium, large, x-large etc., the next day he is in the fitting room with European clothes dimensions 34, 36, 38 or 40, while at another moment he enters an e-shop and wonders which Greek dimension 42, 44 or 46 corresponds to.

So until we find a more permanent way to serve you, and to make your selection easier, we thought we'd add a table with all clothing sizes and how they translate to the other sizing methods. Below you will find the European & Greek way of marking clothing dimensions, as well as the dimensions of jeans. If there is still something that is not clear in our Online Store, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you. Size

Clothing Care

How will you take care of your clothes in terms of quality?


Cotton is the most common plant fiber. It is machine washable and can also be put in the dryer. Cotton clothes tend to wrinkle a lot so ironing at a high temperature is required. Avoid using bleach as it can damage the color and texture of the garment. Due to its absorbency, cotton takes longer to dry in natural conditions or at a higher temperature in a dryer.


Cashmere is a wool fiber and is one of the finest fabrics. Hand wash is recommended as this is a delicate fabric. For the best protection of the fabric, avoid strong spinning and let the garment dry on a clean towel. Drying must be done on a flat surface because if you spread the garment, the weight of the water will alter its line. It cannot be ironed and cannot be put in the dryer. Avoid hot water in the wash.


Viscose is a derivative of vegetable raw material. It is a delicate fabric, so it is best to wash it by hand or on a light program in the washing machine with cold water. It is preferable to iron from the reverse side and at a moderate temperature, before the garment is completely dry. Avoid storage in plastic bags and direct exposure of the garment to the sun.


MicroModal is made from beech wood and depending on its processing can surpass the properties of cotton. It is one of the softest fabrics in texture, reminiscent to a large extent of the properties of silk. Machine washable at any temperature according to the marking on the garment. It is recommended to put it on a hanger after ironing as it is not a fabric that wrinkles easily and can be dried that way. If necessary, it is recommended to iron from the inside out.


Mohair is a type of wool with characteristics that make it one of the finest fibers. Mohair as a fabric may be a bit wilder than other hair types. Many woolen garments are not machine washable so make sure it says so on the label and follow the instructions. Steam is always used for ironing. It is recommended to use a cloth over the garment. Polyester The most widely known synthetic fiber. It is a very durable fabric that does not shrink in the wash. Can be put in the washing machine and dryer. Prefer medium temperature water and use fabric softener before spinning.


Wool is a delicate fabric so you must follow the instructions of the respective garment. Woolen clothes tend to "pick up" in the washing machine so hand washing is preferred. Avoid very hot water, dryer and ironing. If ironing is required, the garment should be fresh and ironed after putting a cloth over it to avoid direct contact of the garment with the iron plate.


One of the most luxurious natural fabrics, which tends to be extremely soft. Silk is durable and does not wrinkle much. It is a very delicate fabric when it comes to ironing so consult the instructions on the garment. Prefer ironing while the garment is still fresh and use a medium temperature.


When you receive your fur comb it gently to untangle the hairs and return it to its normal shape. Do not place your fur next to heat sources. If it gets wet, it is better to let it dry naturally. Avoid perfumes because fur tends to absorb them. Do not store it in a plastic bag and do not leave it exposed to the sun as it can change its color.


Denim is a cotton fabric characterized by its diagonal weave. It can be washed in the washing machine and dried either naturally or in a tumble dryer. When machine washable, put together with similar colors. The darker the denim, the more likely it is to bleed. Ironing from the wrong side is preferred regardless of the temperature of the iron. The more it is washed, the color of the denim tends to lose its color vibrancy so avoid unnecessary washes

Charm Bracelet Size Guide

How to calculate your wrist size:

Wrap a tape measure around your wrist, just below the wrist bone. Pull it just enough to fit snugly on the spot, feel comfortable without being too tight. This is your wrist size.
If you plan to add more than 5 symbols to your bracelet, we would suggest choosing one size larger than your normal size.
A bracelet when purchased, as it has not been worn before, is stiffer and tighter but as you wear it you will notice it loosening up.

It is recommended one cm more than the hand size to fit your hand perfectly.

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